Frequently Asked Questions (and some interesting extras)

Are you going to make SCGMD4?


Can you send me an mp3 of [song from SCGMD]?

I don't have permission from the artists to distribute their songs, either check out their site/myspace (linked from song select in the game) or use google.

How do I unlock the Butterfingers and Minimalist guitars in SCGMD3?

Butterfingers: 1000 mistakes in a song. Minimalist: press nothing for a full song.

Why don't you use songs by [famous band]?

Commercial bands are difficult to contact and getting permission to use their songs would require royalty fees and much hassle, however amateur music is amazing, accessible and it's great to give underappreciated musicians some well-deserved exposure!

Why aren't my unlocks in SCGMD2 working?

The website you are playing on still has an old (bugged) version of the game. Try playing on a linked website: Games

When I hit hold commands my score goes down to zero! What gives?

Unfortunately due to reasons beyond my control Linux seems to register keys through Flash in a different way that causes this. Play on Windows!

I'm sure I got a perfect on [song]! Why did it give me gold?

You need to: hit every command, fill every hold and NOT HIT ANY KEYS AT THE WRONG TIME.

Guitar Hero related question!?!

I guess I should address this since I get bombarded with accusations of rip-off and copy: I bought GH2 last December to see what the fuss is about and I do quite like it, but I'd never played it before I made SCGMD2. If anything inspired SCGMD to exist it would be Gitaroo Man, though I haven't played that either (someone else was inspired by it).

Some people say that SCGMD was before GH, however GH actually came out the year before SCGMD.

What program do you use to make your games?

I currently use Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, check out

Can I have the source files for [awesome Shinki Productions game]?

No sorry, all my source files are for my eyes only!

Is there anywhere I can download your games?

An official download is available for SCGMD3 (see ingame) but for any others you are on your own.

Do I rock your world?

Possibly, but not much.